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Are You Brushing Well Enough?

Are You Brushing Well Enough?

As important as it is to brush and floss your teeth, your efforts are in vain if you are not doing it properly or thoroughly. Even though you have probably been brushing your teeth for years, it never hurts to slow down and make sure you are doing it right.

The first thing to remember is timing. You should brush your teeth twice a day, preferably in the morning to clean out all the bacteria that built up overnight, and in the evening, to clear away plaque and sugars from the food and drinks you had that day. Flossing should also be done daily – and thoroughly. Many people forget to floss the way back ridge of their molars, which is an important spot because the toothbrush can miss it, too.

The type of toothbrush you use matters as well. If your toothbrush is too firm, it can cause your gums to recede, revealing roots that can be sensitive to heat, cold and sugar. Older adults in particular should be using a soft-bristled brush. If you have some type of limited mobility that makes it difficult for you to brush effectively, consider an electric toothbrush to get the job done, WebMD suggests.

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Felt the care was comprehensive
John D.
Dr. Torras is wonderful! The staff if friendly.
Janice E.
The staff and Doctor’s are fantastic,very helpful and I always have a wonderful experience here. I bring my pop’s here as well…
Cimone S.
Clean, efficient, caring,worked great with my insurance to assure the best price for me.
Nancy B.
Great Staff
Michael D.
Caring informative before and after tooth extraction.
Erma H.
I found the staff efficient, professional and friendly. Also, I was very pleased that my emergency need was taken care of the same day.
Mary H.
You work with us so nice. Dad with cancer, Mom hauling him, us girls, or her own appts. You have always been able to fit my family in
Melia M.
I was taken back on time. Staff was professional and friendly. I was in and out.
Shelley B.
Excellent service. Was greated and brought back right on time.
Clint P.
Everyone here is nice and professional – from the office staff to the techs to the Dentist. I am very happy I was referred to this office.
Leesa A.
Good dental care and office personnel worked to get me in even though I was 15 minutes late,
Larry T.
I like Rockledge Dental very much, everyone is very nice and easy going. If you need help with any thing, they are right there to make everything stress free. Dr Torres and staff are wonderful.
Leanne F.
Had a tooth extraction this morning. Dr. Torres and Kristina were great. I was dreading this extraction but it didn’t hurt a bit.
Eric L.
Jenny has been my hygientes for years & she is always professional, condiderate & friendly. I appreciate her work on my teeth. Fiest time I’ve had Patti to brush & floss them but […]
Jayne J.
Everyone was friendly and professional.
Andres F.
I received a very good cleaning and I did not have to wait and I did not have any problems.
Carl D.
Dentist and the entire staff are just awesome
Nosh I.
Everyone was great with my son.
Robert M.
Dr Torras was amazing he really care about his patients and the staff is really nice.
Jo A.
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